Image Processing - Examples

Planetary Imaging : This is the software that I currently use to capture and process planetary images.

Image Capture : Firecapture (version 2.5)

 Image Analysis and Stacking : Autostakkert Version 2.6.8

 Image Processing : Registax Version 6

Image Presentation for the Web : SessionBrowser


Screen shot showing Firecapture ready to start imaging  Jupiter with the Celestron 14" and 2X Barlow lens.


Screen shot showing RAW Jupiter frame ready for processing using Autostakkert.


Screen shot showing stacked Jupiter image ready for processing using Registax V6.


Screen shot showing processed Jupiter image, useful text added to the image using Session Browser.



Example before and after images, 30th March 2016. 

A stack of the best 3,000 frames (left hand image) and after sharpening in Registax  (right hand image)




In addition the following software can also be useful :



Plan you imaging session with detailed animations of the planets and their moons.

De rotate several processed images


Crop & center frames, adjust brightness, Gamma, colour balance in your AVIís.

Archive your AVIís saving disk space.


Further noise reduction, colour balance, vibrance and much more.



Deep sky images 

Astro Art v 5.0 used to control the camera and acquire the images. All images dark subtracted, averaged & stretched using Astro Art. Here is a very basic / simple example:


NGC4565 in Coma Berenices, 26/04/2003, 12" F5.3 Newtonian & MX916.

 A single raw 30 second image                       A 30 second dark frame

An average of 23, 30 second exposures (each dark subtracted), resized 120%.    Brightest adjusted, and sharpened using Maximum Entropy De-convolution


Resized again using Paint Shop Pro