Equipment Used






From June 2011,  

Celestron C14 Edge HD, CGEPRO Mount, JMI electric focuser & Imaging Source DBK21AU04 

planetary camera with 2.5 X Powermate for all planetary imaging. 

Black & white deep sky imaging with the Starlight Xpress MX916 CCD camera.


From Jan 2014 - ZWO ASI120MC colour planetary camera used, with Carl Zeiss Barlow lens.

From Jan 2016 - ZWO ASI224MC colour planetary camera used, with Carl Zeiss Barlow lens.













12 " F5.3 Newtonian Reflector  

Installed in the run off roof observatory with new tube.

This tube assembly was replaced in Sept 2009 by a 12" Orion Optics SPX.

Starlight Xpress MX916 CCD Camera

Toucam Pro Webcam

Imaging Source DBK21AU04 camera










 12 " F5.3 Newtonian Reflector  

This  scope, was used from May 2002. 

Beacon Hill fork mount, with AWR tracking. 

David Hinds mirror F5.3.













10 " F15  Maksutov Cassegrain (with 6" Byers RA drive). 

This was used for most Lunar and Planetary work as from April 2002.


Telescope sold, Autumn 2003.

16 " F4.5 Newtonian Reflector 

This is the scope I used up until March 2002.  As you can see it's not high tech ! 

The  RA worm and wheel were supplied by Beacon Hill Telescopes. The mirror was made by John Owen and re-aluminised late in 2001.  The mount and tube assembly were purchased second hand. In recent years I've been slowly modifying it to make it suitable for CCD imaging. Stepper motors are used to drive both RA and DEC, the RA has a 14" worm and wheel set, with a 81:1 gearbox between the stepper motor and the worm. A small secondary mirror (63 mm)  is used most of the time now allowing better planetary imaging. The scope has recently had a JMI Crayford focuser installed (not shown in this picture).

Televue 5X Powermate used for Planetary imaging, although early images have been taken using barlow lenses / eyepiece projection.

Starlight Xpress MX916 used on this telescope from January 2000, together with  Astroart software for image acquisition and image processing.

Telescope  sold March 2002.

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